Extensively equipped with the industry’s most innovative diagnostic and laboratory equipment, American Health Specialist’s Flint clinic is able to perform a variety of health and wellness tests. From testing for illness or disease to providing drug screens, we offer local residents quick, convenient and affordable tests of all types. We strive to be the community health clinic that can assist you in all of your medical needs.

Led by a team of the region’s most sought-after nurse practitioners and healthcare professionals, American Health Specialist strives to deliver unbeatable patient care. As an affordable option to corporate health systems, we are dedicated to offering personalized, compassionate and courteous care to each and every one of our valued patients.

Available five days a week, we offer the following lab tests and screenings:

  • Illness and allergy testing – Pinpointing the cause of recurring and worsening symptoms, each separate test helps show indications of a variety of illnesses including asthma, Crohn’s disease, depression, heart disease, diabetes and others.
  • Drug Screening -Available at our clinic during normal operating hours, each individual drug test, for both personal and employment purposes, are designed to detect the presence of amphetamines, marijuana, opiates, cocaine, and alcohol.
  • Urinalysis – Monitoring a number of health conditions including diabetes and kidney disease, urinalysis screening tests can also be used to detect a variety of issues such as liver problems, infections and metabolic conditions.
  • Glucose testing –  Used to test an individual’s fasting blood sugar levels, glucose testing is an effective measurement of the presence or risk of diabetes.


As a helpful aspect of comprehensive health care, diagnostic tests allow us a true view of what is happening within each of your body’s systems and organs, letting us pinpoint any areas of concern. Schedule your annual physical examination and we’ll determine if any further testing is necessary.