As the Flint area’s newest option for full-service, high-quality health care, we offer comprehensive physicals for patients of all ages. Working to support and enhance the health of our community, we understand that pinpointing issues and preventing illness is dependent on a full physical assessment. Providing medical physicals for every patient, from infants to seniors, we attempt to ensure that your health is protected while making recommendations to optimize your personal wellness.

Performed by a certified nurse practitioner, your all-encompassing medical examination should include

  • A review of health history
  • A check of your vital signs
  • An assessment of your general appearance and behavior
  • A heart and lung assessment
  • A head, neck, throat and eyes check
  • An exam of the abdomen
  • Neurological assessment
  • Dermatological exam


Physicals for men will also include a testicular and penis exam, a hernia check and a prostate assessment. Women’s annual exams include both a breast and a full pelvic exam.     

We also provide DOT physicals and sports physicals as requested.

Offering affordable care that is both courteous and prompt, our American Health Specialist clinic invites you to discover why we’re becoming a stand out in the local health care industry. Our community clinic wants to help you with all of your health needs –schedule your annual physical today!