Highly trained and certified in public health care services, our team of nurse practitioners is dedicated to the health and wellness of all Flint’s residents. Providing primary health care to patients of all ages, we work to enhance the livelihood and lifestyle of each valued patient. Protecting against a variety of ailments and diseases, and restoring optimal health to those affected with both mild and serious illnesses, we offer individual care and attention that surpasses that provided by traditional medical providers in the area.

Offering today’s most advanced, innovative care, our entire staff undergoes continued education and training in a variety of general health care specialties, including:

  • Internal medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Senior care
  • Prescription medicines
  • Women’s health
  • After-surgery care

Supported by the belief that a close, trustworthy relationship is key to patient care, our mission is to act as both advocate and partner in the treatment and care of every patient. From annual exams to wound care, we strive to be your comprehensive yet courteous health care provider in Flint. Schedule your appointment at our clinic now!