If it has been several years since your last annual physical, it is time to get in to get checked out! If you have medical issues that you have been trying to ignore, or questions for your practitioner, your annual exam is the perfect time to get your health back on track! Small health problems can spiral into larger issues if they are not addressed early on. If you are looking for a health clinic in Flint where you can catch up on your annual exam, American Health Specialist would love to help! Read on to see why your annual exam is so important, and how it can impact your health.

Review Medications

Managing a chronic condition can result in many different medications during your day. If you have slowly added more and more medications to your routine, it is a good idea to have them reviewed at least once a month at your annual physical exam. Your practitioner can help you review your medications and determine if there are any potential bad interactions between medicines. When you go to your annual exam appointment, make sure to bring a list of all medications you take—this includes any over the counter vitamins or supplements. If you are experiencing side effects from any of your medications, consult your practitioner to refine your medication routine and find a healthy balance. Having the correct medicines at the correct dosages is very important for maintaining health.

Review Your Health History

Your practitioner will be able to go over your health history with you, and compare your current health to that which you had in the past. Having baseline numbers such as blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar is very useful in seeing health trends and arresting any negative patterns. If your blood pressure or cholesterol are creeping into unsafe regions, your practitioner can help formulate a plan for monitoring and reversing the trend. There are certain health problems that become more common depending on your age, or are more relevant to a certain gender. Your practitioner will be able to advise you on any tests or screenings you should have, and help you understand readings that come from those tests. Keeping an accurate health history is very important, and staying up to date with your annual physical exam gives measurable health data that can be tracked.


Many of us have unanswered health questions, and an annual physical exam is a great time to have these answered by a professional. If you have only been to the doctor in recent years due to emergency situations, you have probably neglected to ask about the smaller details of your health. Going in for an annual physical before you are sick or injured is a great time to focus on these smaller details and get some answers and advice. Keeping a log of health questions is a great idea, and will remind you of what you want to ask your practitioner about. Sometimes these smaller issues have quick fixes, or are not as serious as you may have thought, so addressing them with your practitioner can ease your mind, or give you a plan of action. Don’t put off your health questions any longer, schedule an annual exam today!

Weight Management

Staying at a normal, healthy weight is one of the best things you can do for your body and your overall health. Weight is a large risk factor for many diseases, and being overweight can predispose you to all kinds of problems. Your weight is tracked at your annual physical, and for some people is the only time they get on a scale. Knowing that your weight is creeping up is important, and should be an indicator that it is time for you to take steps to bring it down. Your practitioner can advise you on what a healthy weight is for your height, and help you develop a plan to achieve that weight. Along with weight, your practitioner will also measure your height. Especially if you are older, a decrease in height can indicate problems such as osteoporosis, and can be a good signal that action steps need to be taken. Stay on top of your weight by keeping your annual physical and staying within a healthy range.

Vital Signs

Your practitioner will test your vital signs at your annual exam, and these can indicate the presence of an illness or other problem. Your blood pressure will be checked, and if it is too high you may be diagnosed with hypertension and given lifestyle or medication options. Your respiration rate will also be measured, and breathing more than 20 times per minute can indicate heart or lung problems. Your temperature will also be taken, and while people’s temperatures can fluctuate somewhat, a high temperature is usually a sign of illness or infection. Listening to your heart can reveal an irregular heartbeat, a heart murmur, or clues to heart disease. Checking your neurological reflexes, including your reflexes and balance can indicate how well your muscles and nerves are working. A dermatological check of your hair, skin, and nails can show indications of your overall health. Men’s and women’s annual exams will be tailored to appropriate tests and examinations for each gender.

So if you have been putting off your annual exam, it is time to make an appointment a American Health Specialist in Flint! Our practitioners are ready to answer your questions, and advise you on all of your health issues!